sCO2 Europe

Increased sCO2-related knowledge: following the sCO2-HeRo project, the sCO2-Flex partners will contribute to the overall enhancement of the knowledge basis in the field of sCO2, at national and EU levels and at academic and industrial level.  sCO2 Europe is the European Alliance  dedicated to sCO2-based technologies as well as the ambitious goals of organizing several workshops and webinars dedicated to sCO2 helping to foster dialogue and knowledge-sharing at EU level.

The Alliance, gathering all relevant stakeholders, will be set out to:

  • Generate, share and transfer scientific and technological knowledge so as to foster Research and Innovation projects leading to market uptake;
  • Unlock long-term collaborations between universities, technological centers, technology providers, operators, contributing to strengthening the innovative and competitive capacity of the members;
  • Act as a platform, monitoring international, EU and national projects related to sCO2 to maximize the added value generated by these projects
  • Discuss short-term, mid-term and long-term strategic Research and Innovation priorities.