4th European SCO2 Conference

The 4th European sCO2 Conference in 2021 which focuses on supercritical carbon dioxide for energy systems took place online on 22-26 March 2021. You can now download all conference proceedings.


Scientists and researchers from academia and industry as well as end users were kindly invited to share and discuss the latest outcomes from their sCO2 related projects.


The sCO2 conference acts as the perfect place to establish new initiatives and cooperations amongst those who are active in this fascinating field of research.

Conference Topics

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Turbomachines and Cycles
  • sCO2 Applications and Energy Systems
  • sCO2 Experiments and Loops
  • Fluid and Material Aspects

Several sCO2-flex partners took part at the workshop and presented their papers.


You can find all conference proceedings at the followling link:  https://sco2.eu/conference-repository/4th-conference-online/ 


In case of any questions please contact sCO2@uni-due.de


More info: www.sco2.eu