“The future energy system – meeting complexity with flexibility” Workshop recording available online

The EU has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve these goals, the share of renewable energy sources must grow rapidly. This fundamentally changes the role of conventional power generation and raises the question: How will the energy system of the future look like? By increasing the efficiency and flexibility of conventional power plants and reducing their environmental impact, three H2020 projects give concrete answers: TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX.


With a joint public workshop TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX invited stakeholders to take a new perspective on tomorrow’s energy production: “The future energy system – meeting complexity with flexibility” offered three different technological solutions and stakeholder positions on a complex subject matter. A panel discussion with European policy makers and representatives from the industry and the energy sector  rounded up the event.


You can watch the full recording of the event here