sCO2-Flex at SET Plan Action 6 Networking Event

Members of the sCO2-flex project will attend the SET Plan Action Action 6 conference on 4 December in Brussels to network and present the project’s latest developments and challenges.


The Integrated Strategic Energy Technologies (SET) Plan Action 6 focuses on “making EU industry less energy and resources intensive, more carbon-neutral and competitive“.

The SET Plan aims at accelerating the energy system transformation through coordinated or joint investments between European countries, private stakeholders (research and industry) and the European Commission.

To achieve this an implementation plan was endorsed in September 2017, which defines four priority areas with high potential: Steel, Chemicals, Heat and Cold and System integration.

An Implementation Working Group (IWG6), consisting of 20 countries, the Commission and stakeholders, was set up to further develop the R&I activities and share information on programme portfolios, projects,  cooperation and opportunities and is guided since 2019 by a Secretariat.



This networking event focuses on cooperation and finance for improved energy efficiency in industry, and specifically in steel production, chemicals, heat and cold technologies and system integration.

Building on the workshop of June 2018, the event aims to give a boost to the implementation plan of SET Plan Action 6 through:


  • Enabling dialogue between European countries and the industry and research, and also with the European Commission
  • Enabling project ideas to mature and get implemented


  • Providing information on European and national financial instruments
  • Providing one on one advise on financial opportunities

Why should you attend

Both the public and private sector:

  • You will get an overview of the stakeholder needs for R&I activities done by the secretariat.
  • You will hear about possibilities for combining financial opportunities.

Industry and research stakeholders:

  • During the day you can meet a financial advisor on the available funds in 20 countries in Europe. As the sessions will be one on one you can discuss in private your project idea.
  • You will learn and share about practicalities around financing projects.

Public sector (mostly ministries and national funding agencies):

  • You will hear about financing programme opportunities in other countries.
  • You will be able to meet other national funding agencies and ministries.

The morning session will be about sharing needs, developments and opportunities.

The afternoon session will consist of living labs where hypothetical project ideas will be discussed to see what is needed to realise them. There will also be individual consultation on project ideas and financing possibilities. These are meant as informal meetings.


Marco Ruggiero and Olaf Bernstrauch (BHGE) will be speaking at the living labs session on “Heat and Cold” at 14.00-15.30 on sCO2-FLEX and CARBOSOLA projects with the aim of introducing the challenges they see in terms of bringing the system to (and above) TRL7.  


See event agenda here