Environmental objectives

Mitigating coal and lignite plants’ environmental impact and foster sCO2 technology’s  acceptance

  • To  reduce  water  consumption  by  100%  by  avoiding  the  use  of  water  in  the  thermodynamic  cycle loop/heat rejection section with air-cooling and thus enabling geographical flexibility.

  • To reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption for an equivalent power output.
  • To enable potential addition of a CO2 capture solution by a post-combustion capture system.
  • Assess the benefits of the solution through a comprehensive Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • To develop a methodology fostering the overall acceptance of sCO2 technology.
  • To reduce metal alloys needs for turbomachinery and the overall environmental footprint of the plant by at least 25% through size reduction of power block’s components/increase in power density.