Supporting the electricity system

By making fossil fuel based electricity production more flexible

sCO2 based technology has the potential to meet EU objectives for highly flexible and efficient conventional power plants, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, residue disposal and, above all, water consumption.

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What sCO2flex does ?


Flexibility & Efficiency

Increase in the operational flexibility and in the efficiency of existing and future fossil fuel power plants



Build European expertise on sCO2 for electricity generation



Mitigating fossil fuel plants’ environmental impact.
Help to integrate energy of renewable sources.

Our Objectives

1- Technical

To define and simulate future fossil fuel power plants’ work-flows and scenarios for advanced and complex flexible demand operations with massive renewable integration in the network…

2- Economic

Enabling market uptake and industrial deployment of sCO2 Brayton cycle from 2025 to establish sCO2 Brayton cycle as optimal fossil fuel power plants’ solution in terms of costs through optimized design and components’ integration…

3- Environmental

Mitigating fossil fuel plants’ environmental impact and foster sCO2 technology’s acceptance to reduce  water  consumption  by  100%  by  avoiding  the  use  of  water  in  the  thermodynamic  cycle loop/heat rejection section with air-cooling and thus enabling geographical flexibility.


sCO2-FLEX is an industry based consortium made up of 10 recognised and experienced key players from 5 different EU member states

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