Flexible Power Generation – ETN Webinar Series – 5th episode

“sCO2-flex. Adaptation of fossil-fuel power plants to the future energy system requirements”, the 5th episode of ETN’s webinar series on Flexible Power Generation, will took place on 02 February 2021, 12 pm -1 pm CET.


The webinar explained how conventional plants could foster the integration of renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) by off-setting their intermittent nature providing fluctuating back-up power and helping stabilize the grid. Indeed, the sCO2-Flex consortium addresses such challenge by developing and validating a scalable/modular design of a 25MWe Brayton cycle using supercritical CO2 that will enable an increase in the operational flexibility (fast load changes, fast start-ups and shut-downs) and in the efficiency of existing and future coal and lignite power plants, thus reducing their environmental impacts, in line with EU targets.



sCO2 power cycles to increase the operational flexibility of fossil-fuel power plants – slides here

Albannie CagnacProject Manager, EDF

Technology innovation in sCO2 power cycles – slides here

Fulvio Bellobuono, External Funding and Technology Development, Baker Hughes

sCO2 power cycle

Prof. Paolo Silva, Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Heat exchanger research – slides here

Gaëtan Bergin


Ugo Simeoni, Research and Innovation Manager, ETN Global


A recording of the session is avaialbe here