SCO2-Flex at GPPS Chania20: Online Conference

On the 7th-9th September, 2020, SCO2flex partners presented their paper Impact of  volumetric system design on compressor inlet conditions in supercritical CO2 cycles  at the  GPPS Chania20 online conference. 

The GPPS virtual technical conference provided high-quality content, including parallel paper presentations, invited keynotes, tutorials, and dedicated sessions for open access geometries and data sets. Further, the GPPS Journal Editor Prof. Li He will held a session informing the attendees about the recent developments regarding the GPPS journal.


Registered participants of the GPPS virtual technical conference will be the first to receive the soon-to-be-released geometries and data sets from selected engineering institutes across the globe.


In the public domain, there are very few turbomachinery geometries and accompanying validation data. To combat this shortage, the GPPS Chania20 technical conference featured special sessions dedicated to:

  • a) presenting the geometries and data sets, and their release plan to researchers, and
  • b) enabling discussion and access to any upcoming test cases.

The strategy of GPPS is to make this data readily available to all researchers, and we invite any new research conducted with this data to be presented at future GPPS conferences.